The Author

Hey, my name is David Mills.  My amazing wife, Kerry, and I are blessed with two incredible boys – Luke and Braeden. We live in Warner Robins, Georgia where we’re members of Longleaf Church.

Surfing with Luke in Waikiki Beach

My day job is as a navigator in the Air Force and our family has made a lot of great friends and tried a lot of new foods moving all around the world for my job.

I grew up in North Carolina where most of my time was spent playing soccer.  I was never much of a swimmer, biker or runner. But I’ve always been interested in doing BIG THINGS.  Things that make you say “Whoa!”  When I watched two of my friends from Nebraska compete in the Madison, Wisconsin Ironman, I definitely said, “Whoa!”  It was the most unbelievable-jaw-dropping-emotional-all-out-display of human endurance I’d ever seen.  I couldn’t look away.  And for the next two years I had the question “Could I do that?” rolling around in the back of my mind.

I never dreamed of being a writer, but after experiencing the life-changing journey of an Ironman I knew that I had a story inside of me that needed to get out.