Speed Bumps

We are three weeks into the New Year; how you doing with that resolution?  My guess is that you might have already hit a speed bump or two, but that doesn’t mean you’ve failed entirely.  Does it?  

My New Year’s resolution was to stop eating out.  It’s been a crazy three weeks of trying to maintain this goal.  I’ve been packing my lunch every day at work.  We even loaded up the car with groceries and a camp stove for our weekend trip to St. George Island.   It takes a little bit of planning ahead, but it’s been fun and I know I’m eating healthier.

But I haven’t been able to avoid restaurants entirely.  My squadron got together at a pizza place for beers, karaoke, and a chance to meet everyone’s spouse.  So my New Year’s resolution was temporarily suspended while I enjoyed a calzone with Friends in Low Places.  But that didn’t mean that I abandoned my resolution entirely.  I didn’t declare defeat and fall back into my old habit of eating out every day.  Instead I woke up on Monday and once again packed my lunch for work.

I’ve learned that whether I’m running an Ironman or trying not to eat out so much – there are going to be setbacks.  Just don’t quit.  You will definitely encounter a few speed bumps, maybe some road blocks and potholes as you attempt to make your goals a reality.  The key to success is to just keep moving forward.  Never declare defeat.

If you already feel like you’ve blown it on your New Year’s resolution – maybe you’ve already had a smoke, skipped a few workouts, or logged more pizza slices than miles, you have not failed yet.  There’s still a whole lot of year left.   Take your setbacks in stride and just keep moving towards your goal.  You wouldn’t end a road trip because of a flat tire.  You’d take the time to make a change, then you’d get back on the road.  What goals have you set for yourself this year and how are you doing at sticking with it?