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Speed Bumps

We are three weeks into the New Year; how you doing with that resolution?  My guess is that you might have already hit a speed bump or two, but that doesn’t mean you’ve failed entirely.  Does it?   My New Year’s resolution was to stop eating out.  It’s been a crazy three weeks of trying to […]

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Book Review – Born To Run

Like millions of others I read Born To Run and it changed everything I thought I knew about running.  I had run a couple of marathons, finished a couple of triathlons, but never stopped to think about why we run, how we run, or ask the question, “Were we made to run?” Like everyone else I […]

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Contagious Inspiration

Today I’m on a high.  And not because I crossed a finish line or accomplished something big.  It’s not because of anything that I did at all.  I’m on a high today because I’ve seen the contagiousness of inspiration spread to someone else.  And this weekend I watched that person cross a finish line! I […]

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Everyman’s Everest

My favorite thing about Ironman triathlons is the simple fact that anybody can do one…seriously.  It doesn’t take a unique skill or ability like throwing a 95 mph fastball or being able to dunk a basketball.  You don’t have to be strong, tall, fast, smart, or even very coordinated.  All it really takes is an […]

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You Call That Typical?

Why I Wrote My Book If you are considering to attempt an Ironman triathlon then of course one of the first things you’ll probably do is Google “triathlon training” or search the shelves of your favorite bookstore.  But if you are like the tens of thousands of other Average Joe’s out there who’s main goal […]

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