Contagious Inspiration

Today I’m on a high.  And not because I crossed a finish line or accomplished something big.  It’s not because of anything that I did at all.  I’m on a high today because I’ve seen the contagiousness of inspiration spread to someone else.  And this weekend I watched that person cross a finish line!

I caught the Ironman bug from my friends Todd and Jennifer Lundberg and Lance Payne.  I finished two Ironman triathlons and wrote a book to help spread that same highly contagious Ironman bug to other Average Joe’s like me.

And now my buddy Chris has caught it and is well on his way.

This weekend Chris ran his first-ever half marathon!  And here’s the best part…he registered for the Louisville Ironman!

It was an epic weekend (and I’m not one to use that word frivolously).  I watched my wife Kerry, and our friends Chris and Tanna all complete their first half marathons!  It felt great to be the spectator; a role I’m not very familiar with – but it’s quickly growing on me!  I stood with my two boys and cheered for everyone, ate snacks, and took pictures.  I could get used to this spectating gig.

So a big CONGRATULATIONS to Chris, Kerry, and Tanna.  And I can’t wait to be there cheering in Louisville this summer when Chris becomes an Ironman!